About Us

ecosecurities is an impact-driven provider of environmental services with 25 years of experience in carbon markets and emissions reduction projects around the world. At ecosecurities we are committed to developing high-quality carbon projects based on the principles of environmental integrity, transparency and good practices that contribute not only to climate change mitigation but also to sustainable and inclusive development.


With a rapidly growing project portfolio, ecosecurities offers experience and tailored services in the origination, development and financing of Nature-based solutions (NBS) projects that can access the voluntary and compliance carbon markets via REDD+, Restoration, Regenerative & Low-Carbon Agriculture and Blue Carbon mechanisms.


The Role

This position will play a critical role in the development, expansion, and validation of ecosecurities’ Nature-Based Solutions program within internationally recognised voluntary carbon standards. The role will provide technical skills and analysis in forest carbon, blue carbon, ecosystem services and natural resource management to complete high impact and innovative carbon development projects. The role also brings deep expertise in current and emerging AFOLU voluntary carbon standards, methodologies and procedural requirements to ensure compliance and development of projects of the highest integrity.


The role will report to the NBS APAC Head and will be responsible for: i) feasibility assessments to determine a project's technical, financial, social and climate viability; ii) technical and data analysis to quantify project emission reductions and removals and project impact across other environmental, community and socio-economic parameters; and iii) design and delivery of long-term monitoring and impact assessment programs that support the verification process and delivery on ecosecurities commitment to delivering projects of the highest integrity.


The role may be required to provide analysis, services, and products to ecosecurities community energy and renewable energy projects across the Asia-Pacific and will be integrated into the ecosecurities NBS and AFOLU teams operating across Africa and Latin America.


This is a senior role with responsibility for ecosecurities NBS forestry and blue carbon program expansion in the Asia-Pacific region and accelerating our growth through strong partnership development, rapid project identification and the delivery of outstanding outcomes for community, companies, the environment and our climate.


Key Responsibilities


  • Lead the development of forest and blue carbon technical services to quantify emission reductions and removals from forest carbon, blue carbon and other nature-based solution projects in accordance with internationally recognised voluntary carbon market (VCM) standards and methodologies.

  • Assess, manage and collate forest and mangrove inventory and other environmental, socio-economic and community data to complete project due diligence, design, assessment and project risk analysis.

  • Support project origination, screening and management of NBS carbon project development opportunities.

  • Manage highly visible, complex technical projects and/or partnerships within ecosecurities and with external partners.

  • Identify new opportunities and thematic areas for the growth and development of ecosecurities NBS program of work across the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Remain current on VCM standards and methodologies and UNFCCC developments and bringing advances into the development of ecosecurities’ NBS project planning and design.

  • Manage external partner relationships, including convening expert stakeholder input to accelerate project development.

  • Represent ecosecurities in Asia-Pacific forums and events and professionally present the work of ecosecurities across the region.

  • Work collaboratively with other members of the APAC team and the global NBS teams.

  • Other task as directed by the ecosecurities NBS Head for APAC.


Qualifications & Experience


  • Master's degree in forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, environmental science, environmental engineering, natural resource management, conservation management or related fields.

  • 5-7 years' work experience in managing forestry, mangrove, aquaculture, ecosystems services, conservation, climate change or international development projects across the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Proven technical expertise in GHG quantification and accounting for ecosystems such as forests, peatlands, wetlands, and mangroves.

  • Demonstrated expertise in AFOLU project development consistent with VCM, jurisdictional (ie JNR and ART TREES) and other global standards (i.e. World Bank FCPF, UNFCCC CDM).

  • Experience in designing statistically valid field measuring programs and in the statistical analysis of field data.

  • Proven team player able to work effectively across cultures and within and across organizations.

  • Highly organized and strong attention to detail and experience with work-flow documentation.

  • Demonstrated problem solving skills and ability to build on existing knowledge to develop new approaches.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.



  • Knowledge of forestry, mangrove and nature-based solutions, issues and policy trends across the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Design and coordination of jurisdictional and nesting approaches to REDD+.

  • Technical expertise using a range of geospatial information systems, remote sensing techniques, image sources, and analysis of large datasets.

  • Expertise in rural sociology and community development

  • Demonstrated ability to collect data, conduct analysis, interpret and communicate results for a broad audience including government and corporate partners, community leaders and conservation practitioners.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of relevant climate and carbon science literature.

  • Ability to work independently and with minimal guidance.

  • Proficient in an Asia-Pacific language outside English.


Personal Attributes

  • Builds productive relationships by interacting with others

  • Works collaboratively with stakeholders across all levels, all cultures, and all geographies

  • Communicates effectively and in a timely manner

  • Results driven and takes ownership of tasks.

  • Compassionate and empathetic to support the growth and development of others

  • Leverage differences to resolve problems

  • Thinks and acts from a broad perspective and a long-term view


Let's Work Together

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